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There and Back - Barrie Dunsmore
The collection of pieces in There and Back offers quick and sometimes witty entrances into decade-long discussions about Middle East policy, superpower strategies, and controversial domestic issues. Dunsmore comments on various aspects of recent Middle Eastern history: the Arab Spring revolutions, America's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the nuclear threats posed by Iran's theocratic government. He takes us inside the arms races of the Cold War, relying heavily on his coverage of the diplomatic relations between the U.S. and the Soviets during that time. He also takes us through a tour de force of commentary on politics, current events, cultural phenomena, and leadership within the U.S. Dunsmore's grounded and non-sensational approach to writing allows him to thoughtfully explain the world issues inherited by this generation.
This collection of columns are the offerings of a mind sharply tuned to the long view of truth and to a lifetime of practicing thoughtful reflection.

These are some thoughts of people who know Dunsmore, and the complex world he has spent a lifetime studying.

"For forty years, Barrie Dunsmore has been at the forefront of war, a good deal of it in the Middle East, and in the heat of the American political kitchen. He has covered the news with the insight and perspective that comes from exceptional understanding of the issues and leaders. Equally important is his writer's eye for clarity, as well as the uses of nuance and ambiguity. This compilation of essays dating from the weeks when he accompanied me in the Mideast shuttles in the early 1970s to his commentaries on the Arab Spring will mark Dunsmore firmly as one of the significant journalists of our era."
-Henry A. Kissinger, former U.S. Secretary of State

"When Barrie Dunsmore writes, his readers learn. Not only is his commentary insightful and timely, it is based on years of observation and study of the issues he discusses. His is a voice and analysis all of us need, and yet hear from so few commentators today. Barrie Dunsmore's writings make us all the more knowledgeable."
-U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy

"I rejoice in the publication of this book because it is full of so many attributes missing in much of today's quasi journalism. Here you will find context, insight. thoughtful reflection, and a bracing anger, based not on ideology but on impatience with fools and their mindless nattering."
-Ted Koppel, Anchor and Managine Editor of ABC News Nightline.

"Very few people have the breadth of experience in and practical wisdom about American politics and international relations that Barrie Dunsmore has. He has not only seen it all, he has carefully thought about it all. These essays are pithy and readable distillations of a lifetime of observation and learning."
-Gregory Gause, Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science, University of Vermont

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